'Digital Initiative of the Year' awarded to Sukoon at 2023 InsureTek Golden Shield Excellence Awards

2023 InsureTek

Sukoon, formerly Oman Insurance Company, was awarded the Digital Initiative of the Year Award at the     2023 Insuretek Golden Shield Excellence Awards ceremony. 


Having won such a prestigious award, Sukoon is not only embracing but also leading in the adoption of digital trends within the insurance sector. This includes initiatives related to Insurtech, blockchain, and other emerging technologies that have the potential to reshape the insurance industry.


As the Middle East's largest gathering of insurance innovation, Insuretek Golden Shield Excellence Awards combines unbeatable networking opportunities with what's new and next in insurtech, making it the must-attend event for industry professionals.


This award signifies Sukoon's excellence and leadership in leveraging digital technologies to innovate, improve customer experiences, and shape the future of the insurance industry.

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