• Trade Credit Insurance for Businesses

    • Complete protection against payment defaults
    • Created in partnership with Coface
    • Exclusive access to database of 65 mn companies

    corporate liability

Product Overview

In an increasingly unpredictable and competitive global business environment, your corporate customers can suddenly find themselves unable to make payments for the merchandise shipped or services rendered.

This, in turn, affects your cash flow and then your ongoing operations.

Credit Insurance is a good way to protect your company and your cash flow by transferring the risk of credit defaults to an insurer. It safeguards your ‘Account Receivables,’ which is your largest asset and future source revenue.

We have partnered with Coface, one of the leading global credit insurance partners in the industry, to give you the best trade credit insurance solutions in the market. We offer cover for both domestic and export trade transactions.

Our Trade Credit Insurance policy strategically combines the three core elements of credit management: Information, Protection and Collection. We support you through your trade cycle by providing you information on your potential customers, protecting your outstanding receivables during sales transactions and eventually taking over your debt, if the invoices remain unpaid.

  • Trade Credit Insurance Cycle

Key Benefits

  • Access to New Financing Opportunities
    By insuring your receivables, you can get improved borrowing terms and increased credit facilities from our partnering banks.
  • Increased Revenue
    Improve sales by increasing credit lines of existing customers, and gain new customers by offering credit payment from day one.
  • Know Your Customers Better
    You get access to our database of 65 million monitored companies, to track your buyer’s past payment behaviour.
  • Protect Your Receivables Against Payment Default
    The primary benefit of the product - to take over the trade credit risk of your open account sales, and so protect your receivables

How to Get Insured

  • Apply by Phone

    Call us at 800 SUKOON (785666) for more information and to enrol over the phone.

  • Apply by Email

    Drop us an email with all your details and we'll get back to you soon.
  • Apply in Person

    Walk into one of our branches to get information, apply, and enrol in person.
Request a call back from one of our insurance experts.

Product Resources

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What our customers think

  • Prompt response, complete service, and ease of communication and resolving insurance-related issues. Definitely, I recommended you to my friends already.


  • I really appreciate your quick revert back to my request. So, I am really happy with Sukoon. Thank you so much and see you again in the future.


  • Easy and friendly customer service. Truly, I was very frustrated with a couple of insurance companies including my existing one before switching to Sukoon.


  • Your response to my quote was very fast and it was processed quickly too. Plus, your prices are the most fair in the market.


  • The staff was very helpful with the queries and assisted in all my requests. The service was very quick and prompt in the policy issue process.


  • Quick response and easy payment system through the website. Also, the operator was kind and taking prompt action for my request.


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