Complaint Management Policy

Sukoon views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person that has made the complaint. For any grievances or concerns that you may have, please write to us on .On receiving a complaint pertaining to us or any service providers we have partnered with, we will record it and provide you with:


A unique complaint reference number via email, which you may use in future correspondence with us.
The contact details of the staff handling your complaint.


All complaints are taken seriously and we maintain a procedure to ensure they are dealt with professionally, effectively and fairly. Our complaint management policy complies with regulatory guidelines of the UAE. In addressing your concerns, we will reach out to our partners & service providers as part of the investigation. We will retrieve all the documents relevant to your transaction and aim to resolve your case within five working days.


If our investigation requires more time to be completed, we will write to you with an explanation of why a decision is not yet made and we will also inform you regarding when you will be further contacted.


Once we complete our investigation we will write/call you with our final response.


If you are not satisfied with the response from the Complaints Department, you may escalate the case to Sukoon’s Compliance officer on .
If you find it necessary to further escalate the issue, you may approach Sanadak (in all cases) with your complaint at their Customer Happiness Center on 800(SANADAK)7262325/ Sanadak Mobile Application / Alternatively, in case of medical issues you may approach Dubai Health Authority ( or Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (


If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may seek to raise your case with a relevant court.

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