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    We understand the convenience of buying, managing or renewing your policy from the comfort of your home or office. This is why we continuously invest in technology to make your interaction with us easier. All our online management portals in one place.

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Our Digital Services by Users

  • Online Portals for Brokers
    Our broker partners can use these portals to easily provide or amend insurance coverage, intiate claims on behalf of their customers or make requests to Sukoon.

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  • Online Portals for Businesses

    Corporate clients can use our portals to access our insurance services, either for the organisation or for their employees.

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  • Online Portals for Individuals
    As a retail customer, you can access the full list of our online services using the list of portals available through the below link.

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  • Online Portal for Providers
    Our network providers can use our portal to check and validate member information to provide seamless healthcare services.

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