Oman Insurance employees volunteer to donate blood

Blood Donation

Oman Insurance in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority, organized a blood donation event for its employees yesterday. The event was organized as part of the company's corporate wellness program LivFit, which encourages people to take charge and live a healthier life. More than 70 employees participated in the annual event which is being organized since 2015.

Medical procedure like blood transfusion which usually requires large quantities of blood can prove to be lifesaving in treatment of hemorrhage, post-delivery, emergency cases, among others. The hospitals need to maintain constant supplies of blood as components like platelets concentrate which is used to stop bleeding can only be stored for five days.

Commenting on the occasion, Jean-Louis Laurent Josi, CEO of Oman Insurance Company said, "By donating blood we are simply fulfilling our duty to help protect the lives of people. I thank all employees who took charge and came together for this noble cause. As one of the leading insurers in the region, we will continue to extend our support to the community we live in."

Donating blood not only helps in saving lives but is also good for the health of the donor. Donating blood regularly can decrease the possibility of heart diseases and stroke. Anyone above 18 years of age can donate. The person needs to be in good health on the donation day and have had a good sleep. Post donation certain precautions like drinking lots of fluids, avoiding strenuous exercise, need to be taken. For more information, visit

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