Oman Insurance members staying home get access to doctors using TruDoc 24x7


Oman Insurance Company has announced a service to help its members get access to doctors, wellness experts and pharmacies from home. Understanding the difficulty faced by healthcare customers during these times of restricted movement, many of Oman Insurance’s members will now be able to take charge of their health using a smartphone app or by calling a doctor directly. In partnership with TruDoc 24x7, the access will be available to many of its customers for 30 days starting April 6th, 2020, without any charge.

Oman Insurance Company and TruDoc 24x7 have signed a long-term, strategic partnership agreement to facilitate members with state-of-the-art 24x7 Telehealth and Telemonitoring services. In addition to the free services provided to specific members during the current situation, this service will be progressively extended to Oman Insurance’s extensive medical product line to facilitate healthcare access.

TruDoc 24x7 combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and home-health to provide 24/7 immediate access to highly trained, licensed doctors and wellness experts. Members can receive advice via voice and video calls for healthy, acute and chronic condition management, and speak to full-time doctors from anywhere, at any time.

Jean-Louis Laurent Josi, CEO of Oman Insurance Company commented on the occasion, 
“At Oman Insurance, our aim is to continuously empower our customers with the right tools and 24/7 access to vital medical services no matter the location, time or circumstances. This is why we are so thrilled to start our partnership with TruDoc 24x7. Also, in these unprecedented times, we wanted to make sure that as many of our members as possible could already benefit and for free from these services. We have indeed to go above and beyond our current products and services and adapt ourselves to the exceptional situation we all face.”
Raouf Khalil, Founder and CEO of TruDoc Healthcare also commented, “As a strong advocate of 24x7 access to doctors who  practice evidence-based medicine, in today’s age, particularly in the challenges we face today with COVID-19, all our full-time doctors, nurses, wellness experts and case managers are committed to provide all necessary support 24x7 to all our valued Oman Insurance members. As a leading telemedicine provider in UAE for the past 8 years, we ensure that we continue ‘’Doing the Right Thing’’. Our doctors tell patients the truth about what they need not what they can afford.’’

Oman Insurance Company will pre-register eligible members for this service to ease the onboarding process. Details regarding the registration and how-to guidelines will be shared with members and partners in the coming days.

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