Sukoon launches ‘Health Extend’ – a unique medical corporate offering allowing employees to tailor and customise benefits


On December 12th, Sukoon has launched ‘Health Extend’ – a unique product in the UAE that allows employers to limit their budget while giving employees the freedom to add specific covers according to their own needs. By launching Health Extend, Sukoon introduces a significant innovation in the UAE market by giving employers a medical product providing strong base benefits but also allowing their employees to choose additional individual medical protection according to their specific needs.

Health Extend will be proposed to companies with employees and dependants above 150 and will provide a selection of 4 classes of base plans of medical benefits. On top of these plans, employees will have the option to choose amongst several additional benefits.

Once an insured company opts for a plan for their employees, they will be given an option to extend their protection to include more covers and benefits. The additional benefits include, for instance, increased pharmacy limits, access to wider in-network providers, annual wellness checkup, dental and optical cover are some of the key benefits members can select for an enhanced protection. The added covers can be selected online and will come at a nominal cost to be paid by the member.

Dr. Yasser Khalifa, Executive Vice President, Head of Employee Benefits at Sukoon said, “With traditional corporate insurance plans, employees receive covers based on the plans chosen by their employer, which may not always address all their requirements. The new Sukoon offering empowers the members to enhance their protection based on their needs.” He added, “As a prominent insurer in the region, we are proud to lead on the innovation front and offer products which will provide tailored yet comprehensive protection and ensure member satisfaction and employer’s peace of mind.”

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