Sukoon declared Leading Insurance Solutions Company at 2023 Global Excellence Awards

2023 Global Excellence

Sukoon, formerly Oman Insurance Company, wins the Leading Insurance Solutions Company Award at the 2023 Global Excellence Awards. 


Having won this award showcases that Sukoon has demonstrated excellence not only within a specific region but on an international level. This could imply a global footprint and a positive impact on a diverse range of customers and markets.


Global Excellence Awards is an initiative by Brand Empower Pvt. Limited to recognise different businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers for their exceptional performances and accomplishments in their respective areas. It showcases businesses that have navigated tough environments by innovating and creating jobs, achieving growth, and supporting their communities and the planet.


This award positions Sukoon as an industry leader, instilling confidence in customers, partners, and stakeholders alike. It signifies a comprehensive and exemplary approach to delivering insurance solutions, setting a benchmark for excellence within the global insurance landscape.

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