Sukoon awarded UAE's Best Online Insurance Company at 2023 Finance Derivative Awards

2023 Finance Derivative

Sukoon, formerly Oman Insurance Company, emerged as UAE’s Best Online Insurance Company at the Finance Derivative Awards ceremony.


Over the past few years, Sukoon has transformed the landscape of how insurance markets operate online. This award is exemplary of that aim.


Finance Derivative is a global finance and business analysis magazine, published by F.M. Publishing, Netherlands. It provides a broad coverage and analysis of the finance industry, international business, and the global economy empowering businesses and corporates around the world. Its leadership articles are read by industry professionals at all levels of banking, financial services, payment solutions, and insurance, as well as by technology and consulting executives.


With this award, Sukoon further reinforces its commitment to revolutionising the way it makes its presence felt on a digital scale.

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