The Checklist You Need for a Peaceful Summer Break


If you’re travelling this summer, make sure you’ve planned ahead and covered all bases. Nothing makes summer break more special than peace of mind by your side.


Luckily, we are here for you with pearls of wisdom to help you make the most of your summer holidays and never skip a beat. 



Why should I plan ahead?

We get caught up in the excitement of summer vacations that we sometimes forget about the day after. After all, you’re leaving your home, cars, properties, and possessions unattended. Planning ahead may help you protect what matters most to you while saving on costs you may incur in repairs, damages, and recovery of losses.


“It is important to make sure that your property is protected while you are away on holiday,” says Hana Refai, Head of Privilege Club at Sukoon Insurance. “Simple water leaks can turn into big ones – even small AC leakages can wreak havoc on your possessions. Simple acts like having someone pass by and check your home periodically while you’re gone can help you catch any issues before they cause too much damage.”


Plus, summers can be treacherous in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “If an air conditioner isn’t running at your home for an extended period of time, it may suffer damage owing to excess heat and humidity,” says Hana. Planning ahead, therefore, can help you protect your home sweet home while you’re on the go.



Summer Holiday Checklist

Register your property with the Dubai Police

If you haven’t done so already, simply download the Dubai Police mobile application (available on both Android and iOS smartphones) and complete the Home Security application.


“By filling the application, you will be enrolled for the Home Security service, allowing patrol cars to keep watch on your home while making rounds of your neighbourhood,” Hana points out.


Have someone check your house every now and then

Have a friend, family member, or someone you trust make regular visits to your property on a regular basis and turn the air conditioner on for a while. “It’s a simple and effective way to protect your property against the ruthlessness of summers in Dubai,” she commented.


Have contacts in place for emergencies

Prepare a list of emergency contacts for the person making visits to your house to cover for scenario such as water or AC leaks and so on.


Protect your prized possessions

Put your jewellery, watches, collectibles, and other valuables you’re leaving behind in a safe, or make other arrangements to ensure their safety – whatever is more convenient for you.


Close all waterways

Make sure all water taps and spray bidets at your house are closed and no leakages are present. You don’t want to return home after a memorable vacation and immediately deal with a flooded property or no water at all.


Disconnect all electronic devices

It is important to unplug all electronic devices that are not needed, with the exception of your fridge – you don’t want to come home to a nasty odour.


Secure your entry and exit points

Check your locks and see if they are working properly. Then, make sure you lock up your doors, windows, and other entry points. 


Close the gaps

A rainfall or sandstorm may hit your home in your absence. So, ensure that any gaps under the doors or windows are properly sealed. 


Keep your closets open a little bit

This way, the air can circulate and nothing inside your closets will get musty. Leaving the doors to your room a little open offers the same advantages.


Clean out your fridge

You don’t want your food items to go bad and be wasted. 


Make sure your security system is working

If you have an alarm installed inside your house, make sure is still working properly.


Enjoy your holiday!

Simply by following the checklist to the letter, you’re ready to say goodbye to business-as-usual and embrace summer holidays with open arms and a smile on your face.

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