How to Protect My Jewellery and Watches


Caring for your watches and jewellery

Avoid exposing your jewellery to soap, perfume or face creams. These substances can corrode metal and damage gemstones and pearls.

• If you don’t have access to ultrasonic jewellery cleaning, then use warm water, mild dish soap and a soft brush – it is one of the best jewellery cleaning methods out there.

• Try to avoid bringing expensive watches on vacation, where they may be vulnerable to theft (on the streets or at hotels and nightclubs, for instance).

• Never post your collection on social media, especially while sharing your vacation plans online.

• Consider theft-resistant clasps like Orkos' Watchlock, which makes it harder for thieves to remove your watch from your wrist.

• Remove your jewellery if you are involved in an activity which could scratch, knock or damage the piece.



Insuring your watches and jewellery

• Try to keep a list of all your jewellery items and update it when you buy or sell any pieces. Let your insurer know as well.

• Keep every receipt and manufacturer's certificate in a secure place, separate from where your jewellery and watches are stored.

• Keep your jewellery in a safe at home. If possible, in two separate safes – one for regular wear; the other, for pieces you don’t wear frequently or at all.

• Take digital photos and record all movement and case serial numbers.

• Have your collection properly insured and have it valuated if you believe the prices have increased. You can refer to our panel of recommended jewellery and watch experts who can valuate your valuable items and provide official documents for proof of value.



Travelling with your watches and jewellery

• While travelling – whether by plane, train or car – keep your valuables with you and never leave bags containing jewellery unattended.

• Storing jewellery and watches in checked luggage is not recommended, even if you travelling via first or business class, as valuables can still go missing. Do not take the risk.

• While choosing which pieces to take with you, make sure each piece fits properly and that there are no stones are loose, clasps broken, or prongs damaged. If you find any damage or issues, avoid taking them with you and arrange for repairs to be made.

• Ask to store your jewellery and watches in the hotel’s main safe rather than the in-room one, which not only provides very little protection but can also be accessed by the hotel’s staff.

• Separate jewellery items with a soft cloth. Use fabric pieces to protect necklaces and other pieces of jewellery to avoid any scratches and abrasions.

• Use a travel watch case that will protect your watches, so they are kept separate and secure while travelling.

• Try to pack your valuables in nondescript boxes to help conceal their identity.