• Convenient Claim Submission

    As a customer-centric insurer operating in the region for more than 49 years, we understand the kind of support our customers expect from us when making a claim. This period, we believe, is the most important part of our relationship with our customers. This page contains all claim-related information and documents across categories. 

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No matter what the circumstance, we can assure your peace of mind with a fast and convenient claims process. Below, you will find all details on how to submit your claim, the documents you’ll need to keep ready, and the next steps in the claims process.

    In case of an emergency or hospitalisation outside the UAE, please call our 24/7 helpline numbers available in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, and the USA. Alternatively, reach out to us on +962 6 5008119, send a fax to +97317386474 or write to us at TRAVELA@mapfre.com. Please keep your policy number handy before the call.


    For all other claims, contact our claims department on:

    Tel.: +971 4 233 7463/464
    UAE toll free number: 800 4746
    Email: generalinsuranceclaims@sukoon.com

    When you contact us, you will be prompted for your policy number as stated in the Certificate of Insurance. You may, if you prefer, also visit one of our offices to file your claim.


    Send the following documents to generalinsuranceclaims@sukoon.com :


    • Police Report

    • Proof of Ownership

    • Irregularity Form- can be obtained from the airlines


    Please note that for outpatient or clinic treatments, you must pay the hospital or clinic and seek reimbursement from us.


    We may ask for additional documents as and when they are required for the claim processing.

    We will try our best to pay all eligible claims within 5 working days of receiving the required documents. All claims will be settled via bank transfer. Alternatively, you may request the payment to be made by cheque.


You can conveniently submit, track and manage your medical claim through our online portal or mobile app. We have provided all details regarding the claim process below. Further, you can click here to get the contact details of your nearest Sukoon branch.


    Download the claim form by clicking here . You may submit the form in any one of these ways:


    • You may submit the completed form online by clicking here or through the mySukoon mobile app


    • It can also be delivered to any of our branches or dispatched through your broker 


    • Couriered to the below address:

    Medical Claims Department,
    Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, Next to Al Ghurair Mall,
    Deira, PO Box 5209
    Dubai, UAE


    Retain a copy of all the documents submitted for your future reference.


    Upload the following documents along with a completed, stamped and signed claim form to the mySukoon app or portal
    Original invoices/bills showing payment confirmation
    Medical and/or lab test reports
    All claims submitted must be in original and translated to either English or Arabic for settlement
    Healthcare insurance card copy of the claimant
    Summary table of invoices from the Reimbursement Claim Form (completed)

    We require original versions of the documents mentioned above for claims amounting to over:


     Abroad: AED 5,000 

    • UAE: AED 10,000 


    We may ask for additional documents as and when they are required for the claim processing.


    Make sure that the form is submitted within 120 days of the treatment to ensure timely processing. Both you and the attending doctor must fill the form for each visit or course of treatment.

    Remember that only one claim submission is allowed per person and therefore, family members must apply individually.

    You can update your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) on our mySukoon app or mySukoon portal for faster payment processing.


    We will try our best to pay all eligible claims within 3 weeks of submission of the form.

    You will be reimbursed as per the customary prices in our network. This means that if your doctor charges a general consultation fee of AED 400 when the average consultation fee is AED 250 in your applicable network, we will only reimburse the AED 250.

    Moreover, if applicable, co-insurance will be levied along with your network deductible. The usual co-insurance rate stands at 20%. So, in the above example, considering that your network deductible is AED 50, we will apply 20% co-insurance on AED 200, and reimburse AED 160.