• SME Health Plans

    • Specially designed group health plans for SMEs
    • Different plans and benefits based on Emirates     
    • 24x7 Home-health and Telemedicine service


Product Overview

As a business, you need to ensure that your employees are healthy and active. But enabling your employees and their families with affordable healthcare options can be a complicated process and you might have to consider a lot of factors, least of which is your budgetary limitations.

This is where we can help out.

Our SME Health plans were specially designed by taking into account the unique needs and regulatory requirements of SMEs operating in the region.

The focus is on affordability without sacrificing the incredible benefits that make our group plans so attractive and competitive - our wide direct billing healthcare network, easy claims process, experienced claims teams etc.

Key Benefits

How to Get Insured

  • Apply by Phone

    Call us at 800 SUKOON (785666) for more information and to enrol over the phone.

  • Apply by Email

    Drop us an email with all your details and we'll get back to you soon.
  • Apply in Person

    Walk into one of our branches to get information, apply, and enrol in person.
Request a call back from one of our insurance experts.

Product Resources

  • Here's how it works. Non-network access is always subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. You will have to pay the whole cost of the treatment and then apply for reimbursement. Your claim shall be settled as per the terms and conditions of your policy, after applying any non-network deductibles.

    In the case of elective hospitalisation, you need to make sure that you inform us before you get admitted. 

    If the procedures or investigations during any outpatient visit in a non-network hospitalisation might exceed AED 500, you will need to get the necessary prior approval from us. 

    In case of emergencies, please call our helpline 800 SUKOON (785666) as soon as possible for all required details.
  • That usually depends on the type of network cover allotted to you. It will be mentioned on your Sukoon Health card. Based on this, you can access the full list of healthcare providers through the Sukoon website - https://medicalnetwork.sukoon.com/ or with the insurance coordinator / HR dept. of your company.
  • The coinsurance or co-pay is the percentage or amount you will need to pay the hospital or healthcare provider for all services that are covered under your policy. In your case, you will need to pay 20% of the total bill from your side.
  • No, you don't. As it says, the deductible/co-pay is applicable only for consultation. Hence you need to pay the mentioned amount only for that service. You don't need to pay anything from your side for any of the other covered services.
  • You should be fine even if you don't have your physical medical card with you. Healthcare providers across the UAE have access to our online platform where they can validate your insurance details using your Emirates ID or your eCard that's available on the mySukoon portal and mySukoon mobile app (available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store). For your ease, we advise you to download and save the eCards to your mobile phones.


    International direct billing is managed by our network partner MSH International. They too can validate your eligibility with your eCard.

  • Don't worry, it's a quick and easy process. To register on mySukoon, please click here. You will need to enter your email address, UAE registered mobile number, date of birth, Emirates ID or medical insurance card number to register.


    Your medical insurance card number was shared as part of the onboarding email sent to you from noreply@sukoon.com. If you are unable to find it, kindly contact your HR or insurance coordinator. Alternatively, you can call us on our toll-free number 800 4746 and get your card number after verifying your identity. Kindly keep your passport copy ready before making the call, as the executive may request for these details to validate your identity.


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What our customers think

  • The claim was handled very quickly and efficiently. It is very easy to claim and the application is very convenient.


  • Claims are much faster and easier. Just with online documentation, the claim was sorted out. Not even a single call was needed to get the money.


  • Great service done by the IT team and call centre persons. When I called them, they were extremely helpful, and overall, the service was great from your side.


  • I like the fact that you have promptly settled my medical expense reimbursement claims without any delay and also that you have kept me informed about the progress of this process.


  • Prompt claim acceptance, timely information and processing of claim in a very short time. Also, prior approval of in & out patient treatment in a reasonable time.

    Prashant Gopal

  • We were not happy at the beginning but later on, everything has been settled and we are happy to prompt you to others. And we did already this year by adding three members.


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