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What is LivFit?

At its simplest, LivFit is a free comprehensive corporate wellness program that is offered with our group healthcare plans. The program allows your employees to choose from a variety of options to help them with their health and fitness goals, including weight management, exercise, stress management, tobacco cessation and emotional wellness.

The LivFit Journey

Before they start their wellness journey with us, employees will take a simple online health assessment survey, receive their personalized health report and discuss their goals with our wellness coach. 

They can then track their fitness plan via our mobile app. After this, they can get on our Facebook page, get inspired, enjoy free group classes, participate in self-improvement workshops, and get discounts on a variety of wellness products.

How it Helps Organisations

Wellness programs like LivFit can help business reduce their healthcare costs and improve productivity by creating a healthier, happier workforce.


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How to Get Insured

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