• Electronic Equipment (EE) Insurance

    • Comprehensive cover for all electronic equipment
    • A wide range of risks and damages covered
    • Optional covers - external data loss, working cost


Product Overview

Modern enterprises are run, either in a major part or sometimes entirely, on electronic machinery. This includes everything from the telephones and computers in a software company to the MRIs and X-ray machines in a hospital.

Any damage to this kind of equipment, from fire, lightning, humidity, faulty installation or even burglary, can be tremendously damaging to the organisation. 

Our Electronic Equipment Insurance was designed with an understanding of the electronic risks that modern enterprises face every day, and the kind of support that can help them through instances of damage.

The policy is an ”accident” insurance that covers all risks that lead to sudden and unforeseen losses, which physically affect the subject-matter insured.

Note: The sum insured must always be the replacement value of the insured electronic equipment (value of the new item plus customs duties, transportation and installation charges).

What's Covered

While the policy does cover nearly all kinds of sudden and unforeseen losses that physically affect the subject matter insured, the following form a vast majority of the causes:


  • External Data Media Cover
    Protects the loss of external data media. The cover is provided for both the material value of the stored information and the cost of reprocessing and restoring the lost information.
  • Increased Cost of Working Cover
    Covers the extra charges and expenses incurred if the required computing capacity will need to be hired in the event of a breakdown. It includes costs like hire charges, transport charges for data media and personnel, expenses for accommodation away from base, night work, work on public holidays etc.

How to Get Insured

  • Apply by Phone

    Call us at 800 SUKOON (785666) for more information and to enrol over the phone.

  • Apply by Email

    Drop us an email with all your details and we'll get back to you soon.
  • Apply in Person

    Walk into one of our branches to get information, apply, and enrol in person.
Request a call back from one of our insurance experts.

Product Resources

  • No, any loss or damage to items that are immediately affected by the above are not covered. However, your insurance can be extended to cover any loss or damage to the correctly executed items resulting from an accident that happened because of faulty design, defective material or workmanship.
  • Yes, the insurance is valid on any airline as long as the passenger is assigned a proper seat.
  • No, it's not. It totally depends on you. But we would say that it is advisable.
  • So, this is how it goes. You will need to estimate the maximum value of the stock that you may be holding at a particular point of time during the policy. This will be considered as the sum insured and the premium rate is charged based on this amount. 

    At the beginning of each month, you will need to declare the highest value of the stock that you were holding during the previous month. The same will be considered as the declaration for that month. At the end of the policy period, the premium is adjusted based on the average monthly declarations provided by the insured.
  • To be honest, we don't usually insure plastic factories. However, you can reach out to us and we can come to a decision based on your case.

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What our customers think

  • The reimbursement is done in a timely manner. A week's time of processing is good for me. I do appreciate the new form of filing, it is automated, and hence, hassle-free.


  • I am using Sukoon from the last 5 months. Very good service. I applied for a reimbursement request through the mySukoon app and I received the approval within three working days.


  • Efficiency!!! The app is easy to use. Uploading forms is easy!! I don't have to go to the HR to give materials and ask how my claim is doing. I can go directly to Sukoon.


  • On my accident claim, I got immediate feedback and action from Sukoon and the customer service executive helped me sort out the issue quickly. Thank you for your support and assistance.


  • The customer support team is great, they provide clear information to proceed. Everything was so fast and I received my policy in less than an hour.


  • The staff was very helpful with the queries and assisted in all my requests. The service was very quick and prompt in the policy issue process.


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