• Energy Insurance

    • Expertly-designed plans for oil and gas organisations
    • Operations - onshore/offshore, upstream/downstream, operational and construction
    • Diverse risk covers including property damage and machinery breakdown


Energy Sectors We Cover

Our plans cover the oil and gas industry across the following sectors:

Risks We Cover

  • Upstream

    Upstream risks are either onshore or offshore. The following are items insured under the scope of Upstream:


    • Exploration, development and production assets and activities, offshore and onshore
    • Production platforms
    • Mobile offshore drilling units
    • Floating production storage off-loading units
    • Construction activities
  • Midstream

    The midstream operations often include some elements of the upstream and downstream sectors. The midstream sector insures the following:


    • Terminals and tank farms
    • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    • Oil/gas separation plants
    • Pipelines
  • Downstream

    The downstream sector commonly refers to the refining of petroleum crude oil and the processing and purifying of raw natural gas. It also involves the marketing and distribution of products derived from crude oil and natural gas. This is what is insured under downstream:

    • Refineries
    • Petrochemicals and chemical plants
    • Gas plants
    • Fertiliser plants
  • Power
    This refers to the generation of power from all types of fuel and sustainable methods and mainly operational power generation with proven technologies under thermal (coal, gas, oil).

How to Get Insured

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